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SlingzBaby Pouch

Product Model :NA415 SSL

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Our Cotton blend range of baby sling is made of smooth sleek slightly stretchy cotton blend. Several features are specially designed for ease of use and for babies’ comfort. You can carry your loved one, depending on the baby’s age, in several positions – cradle, Joey pouch, hip carry, back carry and so on… this can be done hands free too so you can mind your own things with baby close to your bosom.

Paired with Black sling rings, this really cute yet functional baby sling is yours to fold into a neat bag or prepped to use with several practical and easy features.

What makes this baby sling different? Moms R’Us SlingzBaby Pouch
* has matching ribbon trim on one side of sling edge for you to identify which side of the sling you are pulling on to adjust the pouch for fit. This is especially useful for first time moms using the sling. You don’t have to second guess which end to pull for which edge when adjusting! This is our original signature feature designed just for your ease of use. ( TRADE MARKED )
* Sling’s edge where baby is held, comes slightly padded for comfort. It won’t hurt the baby or cause redness when slinged snugly.
* when not in use, can be folded neatly into a pouch bag with a cute romper or baby related feature button to keep sling in place. Keeps neat and looks great which makes a great gift as well!
* has loops for you to hang toys when slinging baby. Keeps the baby entertained.
* has zipper pouch at the tail end of sling for keeping coins, money or cards so you need not bring a bag for short trips. Makes short soujourns to the park a breeze…
* is easy to wash and dry with high weave quality cotton.
* is able to sling babies from newborn up to 1.5-2 years of age. ( approximtely 13-15kg ) When they start to walk… they’d rather explore… but slinging them to snooze can be done!
* comes with shoulder wraps that fit snugly around user’s shoulders. Hence distributing weight evenly around the back which makes carrying baby hands free a really easy feat!
* sling rings are smooth and easy to operate for secure slinging.
* Babies can be breastfed discreetly in the sling.

With such useful features, you can sling your baby hands free and work around the house with baby feeling warm and snug by your bosom!

All sling purchases are accompanied with an instructional brochure.

However, take note that if you see a tear or some damage to the sling or sling rings, please practise common sense and do not use the sling with baby in it…. :))

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