Playtex Drop in - 100pcs

Playtex Drop ins ( 4 oz )

Product Model :NA563

These pre-formed drop in disposable liners from Playtex comes in 2 capacities – 235ml. ( about 8 -10oz ) and 118ml ( about 4 oz ) Each pack contains 100 pieces. These collapsible liners when used with the nurser bottles and nipples, would mean less air and gas which often causes colicky babies.

As a baby feeds, these liners would contract, thus preventing a vacuum from forming in the bottle. Hence, no air mixes with the milk which means your baby does not ingest air but only the milk.

Your baby can also feed in an upright / semi-upright position when using these contractible drop ins – this is highly recommended by pediatricians to help reduce ear infection.

Besides healthier feeding using the Drop in nurser system, it also translates to convenience in bottle feeding. These drop ins are disposable hence there is no need to rinse or wash the nurser bottle. Just use and dispose! Great for travelling to places where there is no wash point for you to re-use the bottle again!

Fantastic for multiple feeds in a single day when you are attending a full day seminar or a cruise trip where you have to bring along the baby, just drop in and feed away then dispose!