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Mamma Pad ( Nursing )

Product Model :NA589

Mamma Pads are here to save a nursing mom’s day! Once put on, Mamma Pads are hardly noticeable and are so comfortable! There is no comparison to conventional nursing pads.

When worn under the clothes, they are almost invisible – a real advantage with close-fitting T-shirts, tube tops, strappy tops or evening gowns. A unique advantage is that you can sleep at night with the silicone pads even without a bra.

No other nursing pad offers you this comfort! Thanks to their durable adhesive layer, Mamma Pads are also very inexpensive because the pads can be simply cleaned after each application with soap and warm water and can hence be used up to several hundred times. Essential for smart nursing moms!

Key features:

• Thin, medical adhesive coating means the silicone nursing pads stay in place comfortably without any further support.
• Applies gentle pressure which reliably presses nipple inwards, stopping milk flow.
• Breathable as silicone enable the exchange of gas and oxygen, just like skin.
• Almost invisible under clothes – unlike conventional nursing pads.
• Perfect for wearing at night whilst sleeping without a bra.

Inspiring technology:

• Uses gentle pressure to prevent mother‘s milk from leaking.
• Outstanding skin compatibility.
• Long-lasting adhesive effect.
• Pollutant-free medical device.
• Create a drier skin micro-climate, which helps prevent inflammation or thrush.

Now you can wear a tube top, strappy tops without having your bra straps everywhere…

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