Bra extenders - pairs

Bra Extenders ( in pairs )

Product Model :NWB7788

Bra extenders are a fantastic solution to make your bras work longer for you. As you journey through pregnancy and the initial phases of breastfeeding, your body changes, your chest and rib cage expands – sometimes, you just need to have a solution to tie through a transition phase while your body adjusts itself to new demands of being a new mom.

The bra extenders will help by giving your body room to expand and adjust itself before stabilizing at a size that is the new “you” – as a mother.

Just to share ….I went up 2 sizes when pregnant and used these bra extenders to help add length to my bras before I came back down to my pre-pregnancy size about 8 months later with more than 2 years of nursing for my first child.

Each bra extender comes in White, Nude, Pink or Black, measuring 2.5 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width with 3 rows of double hooks, common to use on most bras.

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